Formula Mundi 2020/2021

This is the official website of the Formula Mundi Filmfestival 2020/2021 – Impact on Tomorrow.

Due to the pandemic and the situation in Germany, FM 20/21 will be an online event. From June 18th to July 2nd we will present selected movies from all over the world on this website.  

The official selection and the program of the filmfestival are now available!

Your FM Team

HOW TO Formula Mundi 2020/2021

What is Formula Mundi 2020/2021?

Formula Mundi 2020/2021 is a non-profit international online filmfestival hosted from Fulda, Germany.

How does the Formula Mundi Filmfestival work?

You can watch the whole official selection for free and can enjoy movies in the following three categories: Feature and Short Film, Animation and Experimental, Documentary.

Where can i watch the films?

Here! click on any film in our official selection, grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie.

When are the films available to watch?

All films are available over the course of the festival: June 18th to July 2nd.

I have problems streaming – is there anything i can do?

If you have any problems mail us at or use our contact form.

I’m a filmmaker and have a concern with my movie on this page. What can I do?

You can write an email to and he’ll help you out!

Do i have to buy tickets?

No! Since Formula Mundi is a non-profit filmfestival there are no ticket fees and you can watch the films for free.

How can I join the Events on the program?

You can join most of the events directly via the link on the specific event in the program, some require a registration.