#HAPPY by Hui-ching Tseng, Yu-Ju Kuo (Taiwan/2020)

„The striking and dry design of the figures, the objects in the entire animation, as well as the actionism can be understood as irony, a cry for help or an alarm signal, which in turn equates to the absurd, digital, emotional rigidity and the stress-producing consumer world and the resulting social chaos.“

Ruxandra-Ioana Radulescu

#LIKE4LIKE by Serhiy Mysak (Ukraine/2020)

„#LIKE4LIKE is the reflection of a society where quick, superficial posts on the internet are valued more than quality content or experiences in the real world.“

Elsa-Margareta Venzmer & Christian Fernández Larrere

ABOVE 592 METERS by Maddi Barber (Spain/2018)

„The filmmaker shows an important perspective on the present and I wish that many more people will see it and be touched by this film.“

Mariana Schneider

ANONYMLAND by Başak Bilge Akçaoğlu & Mete Cem Arabacı (Turkey/2020)

„Although Anonymland as a place will probably remain a utopia, there are definitely new approaches from alternative IT companies that want to restore values like privacy and informational self-determination on the internet and offer technical solutions..“

Elsa-Margareta Venzmer & Christian Fernández Larrere

AUTOBAHN by Daniel Abma (Germany/2019)

„Depending on the viewer’s point of view, the documentary offers itself either as a humorous story of success or as a story of loss marked by tragic humour.“

Guido Kühn

BALOLÉ, THE GOLDEN WOLF by Aïcha Chloé Boro (Burkina Faso/2020)

„The young filmmaker contributes intensively to an opening up film-view into the African culture — with an aesthetic claim to capture authentic beauty without neglecting the down-to-earth nature of everyday life.“

Tina Waldeck

BIG DATA by Diego Bonilla & Rodolfo Mata (Mexico/2020)

„The dangers and the extent of Big Data are made visible. Through phrases like “Let us pray for you”, “No one knows you better” or “join us willingly”, the actors seem like a cult which seduces the viewer to join it.“

Elsa-Margareta Venzmer & Christian Fernández Larrere

BOOKANIMA: ANDY WARHOL by Shon Kim (USA, South Korea/2020)

„BOOKANIMA Andy Warhol is about the special representation of the moment: “Since then, I have established this consciousness as my own aesthetic and called it “frame art”.“

Nadine Tannreuther

CASA by Alberto Evangelio (Spain/2020)

„Horror with a message – A wonderful unconventional handling of a socially relevant theme. Bravo Alberto Evangelio!“

Felix Karolus

COMMANDS OF LIZARDS by Samaneh Ghazanfar Nejad (Iran/2020)

„This film negates the concept of opposing positions, and attempts thus to highlight creatively the absurdity of violent conflict.“

Franka Sachse

CYBERCHONDRIA by Safeer Manzoor (Pakistan/2020)

„ Again, the message is: it is better to go out into the real world and visit a doctor than to become dependent on the internet.“

Elsa-Margareta Venzmer & Christian Fernández Larrere

THE TIGER by Amaia San Sebastian
(Spain /2019)

„In her short film, Amaia San Sebastián skilfully sums up the situation of all women.“

Jules Heckwolf

EPIRENOV by Alejandro Ariel Martin (Argentina/2019)

„This movie makes its points clear in less than fifteen minutes. The runtime doesn´t scratch on the surface of perfect execution, it actually achieves this. Because of that, the aged stop motion technique fits even better into Martin’s animated masterpiece.“

Moritz Koch

JULIA by Mateo Nicolau (Spain/2020)

„When all prospect of change and improvement is lost, the only way out is to burn the bridges and move forward alone, right? Julia shows exactly that.“

Jules Heckwolf

KIRUNA – A BRAND NEW WORLD by Greta Stocklassa (Czech Republic/2019)

„The film tactfully, compassionately and yet playfully combines many depressing topics, moving entirely in a traditional Swedish film aesthetic, and thus offering the audience a memorable and echoing film experience.“

Tina Waldeck

MAKE MY DAY by Kirstin Reppas (Switzerland/2020)

„This short movie is crisp, entertaining and intelligent. A must see!“

Phillip Zaiser

MASK by Daniel Le Hai (Poland/2020)

„How do you show food scarcity in one or two images? How do you show that one person recognises another from before – without using words? The story succeeds brilliantly in this.“

Michael Geier

OBSOLESCENCE by Jesus Martinez Tormo (Spain/2019)

„The animation Obsolescence shows what film is capable of, namely opening a door to a topic that affects us all.“

Jassin Makoul

PICNIC by Grzegorz Krawiec (Poland/2020)

„The critique of a society that is as individualistic as it is narcissistic and hedonistic to the highest degree is presented in several levels of content.“

Christopher Hechler

SECOND SKIN by Kerem Ergün & Ismet Ergün (Germany/2019)

„Second Skin offers the audience no obvious way to break out of this. It merely remains to visualise the situation of its protagonist as a representative of all women.“

Jules Heckwolf

THE GAP by Katarzyna Sikorska (Poland/2019)

„We have the choice at every moment to train our attention. The Gap can encourage us to question the role of body evaluation.“

Nicola Hens

TOMORROW STARTS TODAY by Johannes Straßner (Germany/2020)

„This documentary is what Formula Mundi Film Festival is all about.“

Christian M. Fischer