This jury will select their personal favorite movie to be presented in the official FORMULA MUNDI BOOK.


Christian Fernández-Larrere – director, producer and author of graphic novels | on fb

Christian Fischer – director of Formula Mundi Film Festival | @ Hochschule Fulda

Michael Geier – director, screenwriter

Christopher Hechler – freelance journalist

Jules Heckwolf – student of theater, film and media sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt | on Letterboxed

Nicola Hens – filmmaker, cinematographer and lecturer|official website

Moritz Koch – student | on moviespace

Felix Karolus – director | management website

Guido Kühn – founder & director of Formula Mundi Film Festival | official website

Jassin Makoul – filmmaker / dreamer / coffee lover

Ruxandra-Ioana Radulescu – film editor

Franka Sachse – independent animation filmmaker / lecturer | official website

Mariana Schneider – funding consultant and story editor | hessen film

Nadine Tannreuther – creative director | more info

Elsa Venzmer – author and media scientist

Tina Waldeck – theatre, film and media scientist | works

Phillip Zaiser – artist | official website